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22 October 2020 @ 01:17 am
Masterlist -- Refuge at Sea  
For the Pokemon Big Bang @ LJ

Refuge at Sea
Author: QuoteMyFoot
Artist(s): kimivalkyrie (mixer)
Beta-Reader: therixkeycopy
Verse: Games, set in Kanto. In story, 3 years after HGSS and 2 years-ish after Platinum.
Characters: Looker, Lt. Surge, Sailor Kent [Matthews, of Glitter Lighthouse fame], a number of OCs of varying importance.
Rating: 15ish/T
Wordcount: 38,000
Warnings: Offscreen death and the discussion thereof, language, mentions of domestic abuse, some violence
Summary: Interpol Agent Looker is good at solving mysteries, so when a high-profile sailor dies in Vermillion City, he’s put on the case. Turns out that it’s harder than it seems to solve a case with an obvious answer... and the Gym Leader who insisted on tagging along isn’t helping things.
Notes: As there’s no backstory for Looker (that I’m aware of), I’ve taken some liberties and invented one for him. And made him Greek.
If you see something that’s not the way it is in our world... uh, AU handwavey wave? In all seriousness, I have a headcanon history for the pokemon world as alternate!Earth, and most of my world-building follows from that.
Also, I was really strapped for time (university requires work, blah) when it came to tweaking the second half of this. I hope that it will still be an enjoyable read, but please be a little forgiving if the quality goes downhill. Thank you <3

Mix -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5 -- Part 6 -- Part 7: Epilogue

To navigate between parts, click "next" or "previous" at the top of each post. Enjoy! :)